What is our Mission?

To empower people living with dementia by improving social connection and well-being.


Our cafés are all managed, operated and staffed by Umbrella Dementia Cafés with crucial support from local volunteer teams.

Every Café is fully supported by a team of strong volunteers with an understanding about dementia (personal or professional). Together we work under one supportive umbrella facilitating greater social connections between people living with dementia, their family and their community.

We believe the key to personal wellbeing is social connectedness. It’s about having a community support network around you, understanding, accepting and including you.

Through our dementia cafés model, we empower people living with dementia to regain autonomy, boost their self esteem and improve their wellbeing. Members enjoy new connections through shared experience, activities or values, and enrich existing connections in an environment that encourages genuine conversation.

We are funded by the generous donations from our philanthropic partners, community donations and local grants from organisations who share our vision of empowering people with dementia

Research shows people with dementia who have larger social networks are better able to briefly hold and process thoughts and have an improved ability to remember more ‘common knowledge’.

Socialising Improves Your Quality of Life

Playfulness and laughter is something that can easily be overlooked when you are experiencing dementia or in the care role, whilst adjusting to enormous life changes.

We’re here to bring back the lightness where our community needs it, or provide a shoulder to cry on when you’re in need of an empathetic friend.

Umbrella Dementia cafés Ltd (UDC) is a registered Health Promotion Charity with deductible gift recipient (DGR) and registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission. Every donation over $2 is tax deductible.

Meet the Team


Kirsty Porter

Founder, CEO & Director

Jen Thompson

Board Chair


Chris Porter

Director & Board Treasurer

Amelia Condi


Our Café Teams Are Community Volunteers

Shayne King

"Umbrella Dementia Cafés", I thought at once how perfect was the name. It is as if a giant umbrella is open - welcoming us and inviting us to take comfort under it, knowing that we are all there - together. As we take each step on our paths UDC provides support, encouragement and connection. This is a gift that is rare indeed and is largely due to Kirsty who keeps us together and moving forward.

Vicki Barnes

Volunteering at the UDC has given me real joy, as it is so wonderful to see people with dementia and their carers enjoying a couple of hours, interacting together and also with the volunteers. It is one of the friendliest and most welcoming communities, who are benefiting so many people in their early stages of dementia.

Clare Gillan

The Umbrella Dementia Café for me is a place of Joy and Care. Joy for the welcome, fun times and togetherness we all experience. Care so readily given by all with the sharing of stories and experiences. We want to share this experience with any families where Dementia is a part of life. A warm welcome is guaranteed.

Rebecka Jacobs

I really believe in being part of the community and supporting each other. I fell in love with the Umbrella dementia community after donating morning tea to the Blackburn group.

Join Our Café Volunteer Team

If our cause is as close to your heart as it is ours, please contact us to be a volunteer at one of our friendly cafés.

Perhaps it's your way of giving back, you want to contribute to your community or perhaps it's a lovely way to meet other likeminded people?

Being a volunteer at our cafés is incredibly rewarding.

Volunteers directly support people living with dementia in our café through 1:1 or group activities and are fully supported at every café.

You will be improving lives of people and their care-parter experiencing dementia. Please contact us if you are interesting in being a part of our connected volunteer team. We'd love to hear from you.

Our goals are to help you stay connected to:


We get to know and understand exactly what brings you joy, dignity and fulfilment. Volunteers are empowered to build activities that interest you, fostering a feeling of independence, belonging and autonomy

Your Family

Your partner, family and/or support networks are included in everything we do, and you both share the support and enjoy all the social activities. We believe that an informed, aware and strong family unit or support network is key for resilience and future care decisions

Your Community

We have the legal structure to create positive and functional partnerships within your local community, such as transport, education and equipment concessions, enabling you to live in the community longer

UDC Role Descriptions

As a participant you will have a role specific to your position within the UDC community

Our History

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