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Kirsty Porter
9 October

The marketing for The Umbrella Dementia Cafe is in full swing.  The event has had two major promotional gigs this week.  A full editorial appeared in the local Whitehorse Leader newspaper about the cafe event and the local 3WBC Radio with Dougal Austin has interviewed me to promote the event and push more local awareness about dementia (hear the full interview below).

Now, we need people to attend!

I’ve included the recording of the show for you to hear a real emphasis on the importance of having, not only a dementia socialising hub in our local community, but a wider community involvement to achieve a dementia-friendly society.

There has been overwhelming community support with this event and I’m pleased to say all the local neighbourhood community houses are in full support for this idea and have invited further discussion for their own cafe or dementia-friendly events.

In addition, the local Council has entertained this as a very positive step in the right direction for a dementia-friendly community and they wait with anticipation to see how this event goes.   So it is now more than ever, The Umbrella Dementia Cafe needs your support to invite those living with dementia to this event in Blackburn, Australia.  But beyond that, hope to inspire people around the length and breadth of Australia who might want to join me in the plight to create more dementia-friendly socialising hubs.

So please support this inaugural event by sharing it with your friends or tag someone you think might want to support The Umbrella Dementia Cafe.  This will have dual effect; hope to inspired those with the resources to create something similar, and also provide a safe environment for those in the local area to live well with dementia.

Press play to hear the 8 minute radio interview with Kirsty Porter about:

The Umbrella Dementia Cafe event 25th October 2016

Thank you for your support,

Kirsty Porter

Feature Photos: & adapted by Kirsty Porter.

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  1. I attended your cafe when i was in melbourne from queensland and as my mother and father (in their 80″s) are in early stages of dementia ( i think ), l was told about what you are doing so dropped in and mingled with others. I was so impressed that someone actually cares about the elderly and could see first hand the dedication you and your team are trying to achieve by putting yourselfs out to help others. I will be in Melbourne with my mother and father on the 17th December for the weekend and would love for them to attend the cafe and meet up with you without letting them know the real reason i want them to attend without embarrassing them if that makes any sense or just catching up with you and your family. All the best and keep up the good work, wish there was an umbrella cafe on the gold coast as i feel i may need the same assistance and a little scared what the future holds. Brian

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