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Locally Supported by 

Wilfred & Hunter

The entire Koonung Cottage house will be used to support our local community members living with dementia.  Koonung House feels like a home and is perfect for feeling comfortable and relaxed as soon as you walk in the front door. 


THE KOONUNG COTTAGE CAFE is a quieter café with a variety of different rooms and tables in the house that are focused on person-centred activities - everyone is developing there own little clubs around the house.  It is perfect for encouraging people & couples to connect over likeminded hobbies.


We would like to invite people living in our local area to attend our peer-support group and help us create and environment that is perfect for you.   Please fill out the RSVP form below and we look forward to contacting you personally. 




Koonung Cottage Community House

109 Koonung Road, Blackburn North

Free parking opposite Koonung Cottage Community House.
Disability friendly and secure



Each Month, the Cafés at Koonung are divided up into two separates cafes dates.


    1.   Koonung Cottage UDC – Volunteers ‘Planning Group’ Cafés.

                Every 1st Wednesday of the Month (please submit interest to attend)

At this cafe we gather as a community of volunteers and interested people to chat over a cuppa, talk openly about dementia and how we as a community group can implement our ideas into our cafes and the wider community.  


    2.  Koonung Cottage Community Luncheons 

                Every 3rdWednesday of the Month (12 – 2 – front room)


At this cafe we welcome families, couples and individuals living with dementia to enjoy a relaxed light lunch together and chat casually.   It is a very inclusive space and with an emphases on socialising and feeling relaxed.  


The Luncheons are in two parts.  

The first hour is to enjoy a meal together with the second hour facilitated by volunteers who run activities around the house, encouraging participation and figuring out what individuals enjoy.  A carers support group also runs at this time.


Download the PDF for the 2019 cafe dates at Koonung Cottage 



Individuals, couples and families living in the community living with with early to mid-onset dementia (all types).  As we are a social group and safety is a priority for us, it is important a family care-parter comes along and joins in the fun.  

 (Carers to stay with full responsibility for the person living with dementia).


Care & Health Professionals - invitation only.   



The program will designed by all the individuals and couples who attend based on their own interest and lifestyles.  





$10 per person includes lunch. Pays for light lunch and hire of the room. 



Please let us know you’d like to attend so we can make your experience as positive as possible.   Please complete the contact form below if you are interested in attending or finding out more about the Koonung Cottage Umbrella Dementia Cafes program. 

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