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Our 3rd location for Umbrella Dementia Cafés


Box Hill South Dementia Cafes

 Box Hill South Neighbourhood House is a not-for-profit, community owned and managed organisation, offering activities and programs developed in response to the needs of the community.  Box Hill South Neighbourhood House operate within the community development model of practice, they are dedicated to helping individuals grow, link people together and see our community become stronger and a better place to live in.


Membership of Box Hill South Neighbourhood House is open to anyone using their programs and activities, no matter where you live; everyone is welcome.


Box Hill South Neighbourhood House and Umbrella Dementia Cafés Ltd have partnered to creating another safe place for families, couples and people living with dementia to meet regularly. 


Box Hill South Dementia Cafes Information Day was a wonderful success. 


We welcomed in the local Box Hill South community yesterday and lovingly introduced them to our village model social concept that supports families and individuals living with dementia. We became very supportive of one-another quickly as we shared personal conversation about what dementia meant to each of us. Then together, as a connected team, we created our very own Umbrella Dementia Cafes space and shared a beautiful meal together. 



If you’d like to be a volunteer for this cafe please email or call Pam on 9898 8270 who is the Manager at Box Hill South Neighbourhood House.





Come and chat to our founder and CEO, Kirsty Porter and find out exactly how she plans to lead our charity into the future.Come and chat to our founder and CEO, Kirsty Porter and find out exactly how she plans to lead our charity into the future.

 Both Umbrella Dementia Cafes Ltd and Box Hill South Neighbourhood House are committed to serving our local community of people living at home with dementia.


Come and meet the team behind this partnership.




Call: Pam on 9898 8270 





Together we will provide our community with localised support, connection, education and awareness about dementia in the Box Hill South community.  We will achieve this by empowering and engaging with local volunteers to build amazing café environments in the effort to reduce social isolation and stigma associated with living with a dementia disease.  








All Cafés include information about care organisations and services in our local area.  You can comfortably browse over the information table while relaxing with a cuppa. 








With the support of the Victorian State Government Pick My Project Initiative we are bringing Box Hill South Neighbourhood House under our Umbrella.  Together we all share a passion to improve the social health, family connections and overall well-being for people living with dementia.



Our Umbrella Dementia Cafés at Box Hill South Neighbourhood House will open every 2nd Wednesday of the month from 14th August from 12noon - 2pm


Click this link to get the printable document of all our café dates.


 Box Hill South Umbrella Dementia Cafes





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