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The Umbrella Dementia Cafes 



Umbrella Dementia Cafés are community centred peer-support groups for family care-partners and individuals living at home with dementia to meet regularly at a local community centre.


The Cafes

In 2019 we will have multiple café per month in two locations.    We are also developing two more Cafes in Box Hill South and Vermont, Melbourne - we look forward to updating you on these amazing new Cafés in June, 2019.  If you would like to attend either of these cafes please click the RSVP button to complete a short questionnaire, or if you’d like to speak to someone personally please go to our contacts page


Umbrella Dementia Cafes, One. Community Church, Blackburn

Open every 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month.

Click here for Café dates and cost at One. Community Church




Koonung Cottage Community House , Blackburn North 

Open every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Click here for Café dates and cost at Koonung Cottage Community House



Can’t decide which café might suit you or your family?


THE BLACKBURN CAFE at One. Church is more centred around the whole group and all social activities and games are done together.  We meet in one large light filled room and share ideas of what to do together such as dancing, gardening, writing groups, how to use an iPad, singing and on occasion, welcoming the local school kids. 


Our Singing CafeOur Singing Cafe





THE KOONUNG COTTAGE CAFE in North Blackburn is a quieter café with a variety of different rooms and tables in the house that are focused on person-centred activities - everyone is developing there own little clubs around the house.  It is perfect for encouraging people & couples to connect over likeminded hobbies.






Both groups decide what professional, consultant or care care organisation is invited into each café. No-one just walks in un-annouced, therefore ensuring the safety of the group, and in-turn protecting the precious autonomy we value so highly.   The café groups and/or individuals request the café leader to resource local professionals, etc into the cafés as needs or interests arise.  



Who Attends the cafes?

Individuals, couples and families living with with early to mid-onset dementia (all types) who are also living at home in the community.  As we are a social group and safety is a priority for us, it is important a family care-parter comes along and joins in the fun.  


Occasionally we have invited professionals who run appropriate programs for us and we are very proactive in having a multigenerational environment, including primary school children.  These children are crucial in our mission to de-stigmatise dementia  inspire innovation and attract to the aged care industry. 


(Carers to stay with full responsibility for the person living with dementia).



The program is designed by all the individuals and couples who attend based on their own interest and lifestyles.   Please email cafe co-ordinator to find out more.



One. Community Church - $10 per couple or $15 per family (4 adults and 2 children under 8) (morning tea provided) 


Koonung Cottage Community House - $10 per person includes lunch. 



Please let us know you’d like to attend so we can make your experience as positive as possible.   

Click here to go to Contact Us & RSVP page 


Care & Health Professionals - invitation only.   Safeguarding policies in place to protect the safety of our vulnerable guests. 


What we do each month 

Our café group is made up of couples and individuals living in the community who have been diagnosed with a dementia disease, such as the more common Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Lewy Bodies and Vascular Dementia.    


As safety is a priority for us, we require those who have mid-onset to late dementia, and still living in the community, to bring their support person.  The support person must stay for the whole café, taking full responsibility of the person they are care-partnered with.  


We also welcome people who have previously been on this caregivers journey and need extra support or feel a sense of belonging, especially if your partner has moved to residential care.



Why we meet

We enjoy socialising, laughing and exchanging ideas about what’s happened over the past month and what it means to us, both as couples and as individuals, to live better at home with dementia. 


Together as a group we decide what is important to us and what activities we'd like to do at each café through conversations with the volunteers and surveys.  Before the next café event, the volunteer organisers and businesses do their best to facilitate and find resources that best suit us.


We ALWAYS welcome new individuals and couples to our peer-support group.  Please go to the contact us page if you'd like to attend.


All our volunteers receive informal training about 'what is dementia?', how to link into local support services and they all have an understanding of our abilities and needs. Volunteers recognise it's vital to work WITH us, not FOR us, to encourage independence, dignity, connection and movement during each café event.


We welcome ex-carers to our group too and retired care-givers who would like stay connected to their community.


We also have a strong volunteer group committed to providing a delicious and healthy morning tea each month.


The children from the local primary school provide the enthusiasm, laughter and fun!  They are hands on the entire morning and are truly magical at every café. 


These children are crucial to our dementia awareness plight as they represent the beginning of a de-stigmatised dementia society.


The café maintains strict visitors policy and procedures to ensure the protection of the children.  


Music bonds us as a group and is included in our program in two very important ways:


Firstly we are very lucky to enjoy 1:1 music therapy with local music therapist, Amy Thomas, who donates her time every month.  She works with individuals in response to emotional memory and wellness needs.


Second, we sing together and use music to truly bond us as a group, which of course creates a joyful morning tea experience. 

Professional Education

Many dementia cafés around the world use health care professionals to visit the café and present about valuable information such as; dementia awareness, how to live better while living with dementia and what services are available to them in the community.  

We too have started developing this aspect of the café's program with professionals presenting about respite planning, the importance of dancing, physical wellness, and incorporating creative activities at home.  


Professional Education sessions are person-centred at our cafés and resourced as we need them. 

Community Information

Umbrella Dementia Cafés are proud to display locally resourced brochures and information about support services offering more choices for you and your family.


After every cafe, the group of volunteers discuss what resources we need as a group and we go our to resource them ready for our next café.


Resources include; information about counselling services, referrals to GPs who understand our needs, home care support services and other organisations who are offering socialisation support services.   

Information Nights

Very soon, we will be releasing dates to invite the general public to a fund-raising information night.  This night looks to include Key Note Speakers and Influential Dementia Advocates.  Send us an email if you would like to know about this date as soon as it is released.  You can send an email through our contacts page or contact us on this email: