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Locally Supported by 

Wilfred & Hunter


Umbrella Dementia Cafés is seeking donations from individuals and organisations that would like to contribute to this important social initiative that provides support to individuals and families living with dementia, de-isolating couples and empowering them to stay connected with themselves, their family and their community.


Please note that Umbrella Dementia Cafés Ltd (ABN: 65 628 935 179) is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission and has been endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient by the Australian Tax Office.  You may be able to claim a personal tax deduction for any gifts donated to Umbrella Dementia Cafés.  


We are building two great projects to remain sustainable, including a schools awareness program and volunteers training program.  We are also quietly creating a sustainable product to sell so that we can build more dementia cafes in other communities.   


Please help us keep our cafés open by donating to Support Our Umbrella Dementia Cafés Charity or contribute to up-skilling our new volunteers. 


(We use PayPal to ensure all our donations are secure.  To maintain our security we pay a 1.1% + 0.30 surcharge on all donations.  You will have the option to be issued a receipt upon donation.  Thank you)


Supporting Our Umbrella Dementia Cafés Charity 

Four times a month our local community independently runs and operates Umbrella Dementia Cafes in two different locations.  We are determined to keep our elders living with dementia connected to the community and prevent them from becoming isolated. 


Lead by a local nurse, our community works together to support our couples who attend the cafe with information about dementia, education, resources, group activities and a great deal of fun to keep the feeling of disconnect at bay.  



What your donations support;

  • $8  - Welcome Pack 
  • $30 - Two Information books for our library 
  • $50 - Craft supplies for a year per café
  • $100 - Coordinator for each café
  • $200 - 5 hours of counselling for our couples
  • $200 - Annual internet communication 
  • $300 - Room hire for a year
  • $1,000 - Annual café organisational administration
  • $3,000 - Insurance for our team per year


Volunteers Training Program 


We are currently in the process of training teams of volunteers to support the Umbrella Dementia Cafés.  To help Umbrella Dementia Cafés build successful and dynamic volunteer teams for each café, we need your help.  


Exciting times ahead!