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Umbrella Dementia Cafés is a not for profit community organisation that is lead by a local registered nurse and run on the enthusiastic steam of our local community, Blackburn, Melbourne, Victoria .
We have two cafes in two different locations meeting four time a month facilitating peer support groups for people living with dementia and their carers to share experiences over morning tea, enjoy each others company and learn more about what it means to live well with dementia together.
Come and see how by simply sitting down with a cuppa at our café will help with you feel like you are not alone.  
If you are living at home in Melbourne with early to mid-stages of dementia and starting to feel the isolating effects of dementia, please come and join us for morning tea.  
Together we talk about what is most important to us, how to stay connected to family and how to navigate our Australian aged care system.  We also comfort each other about the unexpected loss of friendships, share professional referrals, and how to alter our homes slightly to make life easier. 
We welcome new couples and individuals every month.  




The Umbrella Dementia Cafes is one of 237 successful project ideas from across the state who will share in $30m in funding to help their project idea become a reality.

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Our Facebook Page advertises a lot about what we are doing and allows us to stay connected to each other.  

Our Shop

Umbrella Dementia Cafés is pleased to announce we are selling Kathryn Harrison’s award winning children's book to raise money to support our café programs.  


We are please to announce that 100% of the profits from the sale of this book will be donated to Umbrella Dementia Cafés to purchase more equipment and resources for the cafés. 


Please purchase these books online in our Shop.  Umbrella Dementia Cafés distributes in Australia only.

Thank you for making a difference. 



A young girl and her Nana hold a special bond that blooms in the surroundings of Nana's magical garden.


Then one day, the girl finds many weeds in the garden. She soon discovers that her beloved Nana has Alzheimer's Disease; an illness that affects an adult brain with tangles that get in the way of thoughts, kind of like how weeds get in the way of flowers. As time passes, the weeds grow thicker and her Nana declines, but the girl accepts the difficult changes with love, and learns to take-over as the magical garden's caregiver. 


 - Kathryn Harrison, Author & Illustrator -